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There are great GraphQL events and meetups happening every month around the world.

GraphQL Europe

Europe's biggest gathering of GraphQL enthusiasts in the heart of Berlin.

GraphQL Day

One-day conference in changing locations. From Amsterdam to other international cities.

GraphQL Summit

GraphQL conference with expert speakers from all around the world.

GraphQL Meetups

There are great GraphQL meetups happening around the world. Find the closest to you!

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Prisma is built by a welcoming community guided by our core team in Berlin and San Francisco. We welcome contributions of all forms from experienced developers and beginners alike.

Some great ways to get involved

  • Report an issue
  • Submit a pull request
  • Write documentation
  • Write a blog post
  • Give a conference talk
  • Organize a meetup

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The Prisma Forum is one of the most active GraphQL communities. Join to get answers to your technical questions or simply browse around to keep up with what is happening.

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Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the best place to get detailed answers to your technical questions. The core team keeps an eye on any questions tagged `prisma`.

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Our growing family of open-source projects

The Prisma community is contributing many important tools to the GraphQL ecosystem, including the de-facto configuration format, the most fully featured editor and more.



The Prisma GraphQL API provides powerful abstractions and building blocks to develop flexible, scalable GraphQL backends.

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With adoption of GraphQL accelerating it can be difficult to stay on top of everything new. That's why we have assembled it all in a few curated resources.

GraphQL Weekly

A weekly newsletter of the best news, articles, and projects about GraphQL, Apollo and more.

GraphQL Radio

Monthly podcast about the GraphQL ecosystem with experts and developers.

How to GraphQL

The free and open-source tutorial to learn all around GraphQL to go from zero to production.